Solve the Annoying Java Legacy Issue on Catalina

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Man, I thought it was quite smooth, almost couldn’t believe it, that I didn’t run into any issues while upgrading macOS from Mojave to Catalina on my machine. although it did created some annoying files during the installation, I sure can deal with it especially when I knew I could throw them to trash at almost no cost after a litte research.

The inner peace of software doesn’t settle long, the problem arises, the notorious Java Command-line Popup comes back again.

Here you go, one of the most notorious things knows on macOS

It is because some of the applications you are running depend on some denpendencies form a older version of Java. So, Apple has an offical fix for it at here , it will install those certain dependencies for you to solve the problem. However, that only works if you aren’t on Catalina. Catalina has an issue addresses is in regard to ENVI/IDL’s current dependency on legacy Java 6 libraries, see details.

On Catalina, you can't simple install the older version of Java

I tried to follow this link remove all the newer Java on my machine, so I could install the compatible one first, then come back to install the newer one, well it didn’t work as expected, it still said the same thing.

Then I saw this , followed the guide to add scripts into the script editor, after compiled it, then executed it. But for some reason, it didn’t work either, the script didn’t work.

I finally found a working solution here, follow the guide, you should be able to go.


Yifan Chen

a junior developer for life

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