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I spent three days in downtown San Francisco for ForwardJS Conference this week. It has been fun, attending the conference is the purpose of the trip. Immersing in the city is a bonus to the plan.

I have been in southern California many times, but San Francisco was my first stop in the north. The weather gets chilly in the mornings and nights. Some areas can be foggy at sunset. Daytime temperature is a lot warmer than mornings and nights, so better have a jacket handy. If I don’t happen to be a summer animal, I would like the weather more. I was glad I checked the weather before, so I took a jacket with me, it was not useless at all.

In my opinion, workshops can be ruined by not prepare materials before. The intentions of attending workshops are getting trained for certain things you don’t know, or you barely know. We are developers, so obviously, we don’t want to come out with a “Hello, World!” application after training. But, workshop goes faster, the best way to get the most out of it is knowing the content. For the best, build something before you go.

Another way to ruin workshops is from instructors. Having few hours long presentations regarding history, benefits and future of the content. That is wrong. I am not saying that I don’t value any of that. But, it’s a workshop, hands down and build.

In conclusion, not every workshop is worth the energy to go. For those of you who thinks one workshop can get you up to speed, you are wrong. You might be able to build something, but won’t be able to understand everything. To master something, it takes serious dedication and motivation.

Yifan Chen

a junior developer for life

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