Switching to Hyperterm

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As I have mentioned before, things have yet been smooth since I upgraded to Sierra. For Terminal emulator, I have been using iTerm2, the most powerful Terminal emulator rated by developers. However, iTerm2 didn’t fit in my workflow. It had four long skinny spaces around it when maximizing the window, which bugged the crap out of me. What I did was shrinking the size of iTerm2 to make it look good. I knew it would not last, so I started to seek other options.

I had Hyperterm installed on my machine a while ago. I played with it and tried to get the color scheme right. I gave up because it was not easy and it lacked plugins. I admit that I care too much about how something looks than it functions. Heck, let’s get the color scheme right.

So, once again. I changed my tool. If you spend time on it, you can always get it working, right? The image is the colorscheme, I am pretty happy with it.

Yifan Chen

a junior developer for life

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