Why I use Vim

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Why I use Vim

We spend so much of our time trying to fit in. One day, it will occur to us life is much more rewarding when choosing the road not taken, a life not patterned after someone else’s, an editor, very few will ever use.

I like Vim, Tmux and Zsh. It rewards me a lot when I know this is an IDE that only suits me. With motivation like this, I spend a lot of time to config, maintain and perfect my dotfiles. At the same time, I found knowing Vim makes coding absolutely productive and amazingly enjoyable. The idea of using Vim with model editing is being lazy, building a mouse-free work-flow, keeping possibilities under fingertips. I don’t buy the shit when people say that they don’t need it because coding is 90% thinking and 10% writing. I spend 90% of my time fix code rather than writing code. When I want to reach the particular part of a file, I want it to happen as quick as possible. To me, Vim is a state of the art, quickly navigating through lines of code, creatively combining shortcuts, endlessly learning mind blowing tricks, all of these make Vim irresistible.

Vim has massive shortcuts, there is always a better way of doing the same thing with fewer keystrokes. The intention is clear: keep learning, don’t be contented, find the fastest and most convenient way to make a change. Additionally, Vim brings me creative thinking. I wanted to apply the idea of using hjkl as arrow keys in any applications, I found an approach and practiced it. It worked out much better than I expected. Soon, I got addicted. So, I wrote both OSX-shortcuts-you-may-not-know and advanced-keymapping, hopefully spreading a little to have others adopt the concept.

After all, Vim may not necessarily make me a good developer, but definitely makes me a motivated developer.

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